/// General Agreement

// Monthly Contribution

Each participating space will pay $20/month into the ARCL Fund for the duration of the credit-cycle.

// Credit-Cycle & Individual credit

Both the credit-cycle and amount of individual credit will be determined by the total number of ARCL members. For example: If there are 8 members, then the cycle will last 8 months, and each group will have $160 of credit.

// Rotating Payout

Each month of the credit-cycle, one ARCL member will be paid the full amount of their individual credit. The monthly schedule of disbursements will be established by a random draw at the commencement of each credit-cycle. Groups may switch months if both are in mutual agreement.

// Fundraisers

Each ARCL member agrees to hold one fundraising event per credit-cycle. Events must attempt to raise at least $200.

// Donations to the ARCL

Any donations made to the ARCL by non-members may be considered tax deductible.

// Bonuses

Every three months and/or at the conclusion of the credit-cycle, the total funds garnered by ARCL fundraisers as well as from any additional donations will be divided equally and distributed to each ARCL member in the form of a bonus check.

// Exiting & Joining the ARCL

A two month hiatus will follow the conclusion of each credit-cycle. During this time any current ARCL members may exit the league and new members may join.

// Modification of the Memorandum of Understanding

A meeting to consider modifying the MOU will be initiated if requested by 2 or more ARCL members. Any modifications must be unanimously decided by all current ARCL members.